Doing things differently-part 2

Two and a bit years ago I was running (jogging) 5k three times a week in 35-ish minutes.  I managed to build up to this distance by following the Zest 12 week running plan and enjoyed every minute of it. I loved being outdoors, listening to my music, soaking up the rays and boosting those endorphins. Depression took a back seat.

Unfortunately playing beach cricket in the late summer I suffered a Grade 2 tear of the soleus calf muscle  which curtailed my running for a few months whilst I underwent physiotherapy. Then, just when I was returning to exercise I managed to fall over in the local car park (no high heels or alcohol involved) and tore my ankle ligaments very badly and only managed to avoid surgery by having extensive physiotherapy for 6 months.

I lost all motivation and have not done much running since. It is time methinks forget the setbacks, get off my backside and start a new running programme. I can then start my original  Zest programme in the Spring and enjoy running outside again.

This week I start Jeff Archer’s 8-week Beginner’s Running Plan with 4 sessions on my treadmill. They fit in nicely with my work pattern so I won’t be able to use that as an excuse!

The first 4 sessions (in case you are thinking of joining me on this adventure-please do as it will be good to have company) are as follows;

Week 1/Day 1               5 mins walking; 30 secs running. Repeat x 4
Week 1/ Day 2              Rest
Week 1/Day 3               4 mins walking; 30 secs running. Repeat x 4
Week 1/Day 4               Rest
Week 1/Day 5               3 mins walking; 30 secs running. Repeat x 5
Week 1/Day 6                Rest
Week 1/Day 7                2 mins walking; 30 secs running. Repeat x 6.

Let’s go!


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