Detox headache…’s working!

This is Day 3 of “doing things differently-Part 1” and, on the basis that I am an all or nothing woman,  as well as drinking more water I have excluded alcohol and chocolate from my daily diet. My plan to achieve better health must be working because I have had a pounding headache all afternoon which I conclude is a side-effect of my self-imposed de-tox.

Apparently a headache is a sign that my body is eliminating toxins that have bombarded my body over the past 12 months or so and indicates that I am flushing poison away with every glass of water. It feels and sounds gruesome and with 1/2  a bottle of Pinot Grigio nicely chilled in the fridge, the temptation to rid myself of this headache by hair of the dog is overwhelming.

But I am determined to continue.  I’m assured that the headache will ease and I will feel more energetic and revived in a couple of days. And if nothing else, I feel better in myself that I have more control over my emotional eating. That’s a big plus.

“I’m not telling you it’s going to be
easy, I’m telling you that it’s going to be worth it.”


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