I forgive you

Dad, you gave me life,
every opportunity.
I have you to thank

My hero, so strong.
Ahead of your times, always.
No compromises.

I looked up to you.
Stern but fair. Understanding.
Smart suit, polished shoes.

Me safe overseas,
protected from the evil
My country assumed.

Missing your brave sons,
Hope for change disappears.
Shield your loved ones.

Permanent darkness
Avoids humiliation.
But how to explain?

Forward thirty years.
Surprised? Not if you know me.
I’m at peace at last

Legacy lives on
Through you and your son.
Be strong. Be proud. Be

Live on for me son
Success, happiness await.
Weep no more, no more.


2 thoughts on “I forgive you

  1. Thank you-this is written with personal experience of a family suicide which only came to light many, many years after the event and is still not reconciled. Very very sad and painful to see from where I stand but the circumstances make sense to me. It’s not always so wrong.

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