A Ton up on P.O.E.T.S Day

Whoop! Whoop! A double celebration today. Not only is it my favourite day of the working week FRIDAY, but this is also my 100th post since starting my blog back in November.

As Fridays go however, this is not shaping up to be one of the best. My hubby is in bed with flu, and without my chef and chauffeur I am completely lost. I even burnt my toast this morning, gave up and had Shreddies instead-what a quitter.

Now it’s a few years since I had Shreddies for my breakfast, and I wonder if I am the only person who has missed the fact that Shreddies are lovingly “Knitted  by Nanas”? What is all this about? Knitted cereal? What are they knitted from? How many Nanas do the knitting? Where do they sit? Nana Knitting factories? I’m clearly behind the times  and to be honest with all this swine flu about if I had known that Nanas sit and knit Shreddies en-masse, I’d have stuck with Weetabix.  Mmmm… I wonder if the Health & Safety brigade has looked into this? It can’t be hygienic can it?


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