My most memorable job interview

This is so crazy but true.

Way back then, in 1986, I bought a new suit, shoes [black patent with bows as was the vogue] and invested in a smart hairdo for my interview at what is now HMRC in Worcester. I wasn’t at all nervous, I never have been for interviews, and so I arrived at the offices fully prepared and ready for my grilling.

Whilst I had prepared for the interview, what I hadn’t prepared myself for was the huge car crash that took place outside the offices. Waiting in the reception area gathering my thoughts, I was confronted by the noise of a crash right outside the building. Without thinking, I raced outside to see a car upside down on the dual carriageway with its two occupants stranded in the seats and smoke pouring from the back end. I am not a first aider and so rather than try to help the people in the car, I ran back to the offices and demanded that they call an ambulance. Meanwhile, others attended the scene who had more medical experience than me so I returned to reception.

Looking down I saw that my shoes were filthy, covered in mud, as were my tights and skirt from where I had run through the mud. My hair was all over the place and the cup of tea that the receptionist brought me was rattling in the saucer as I tried to pick it up. I was a nervous wreck.

Fortunately, the interview panel knew all about the accident and my attempt at helping and after an hour calming down, I was called into a very successful interview and got the job!

And until today, I had forgotten all about it!


4 thoughts on “My most memorable job interview

  1. It was such a long time ago but I can still see my black shiny shoes covered in mud and the splashes all up the back of my legs. The tea cup rattling in the saucer as I kept apologising! I even remember that the whole outfit came from M&S! How sad is that. I still get my stuff from M&S!

  2. Good memories are wonderful Caroline. A good future, even better.

    Thanks for sharing the one.

    Good luck to all of us in attaining the other. To paraphrase one of your more recent posts, nobody said it would be easy, just worth it.


    • Hi-thanks for the comments. It’s lovely to read what people think and reflect on. No, it’s never easy. It never will be. I have to fight every day of my life using the cognitive behavioural therapy tools & techniques I was taught in therapy but I can’t give up now. I think it’s worth it.

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