Donald Duck underpants

Be Happy……Be young at heart

“It doesn’t mean fighting against time.
We must grow.
We can even age.
But we can stay young in heart and mind.
Look with young eyes.
Love with a young heart.
Recapture the wonderment.
Look forward with hope and optimism.”

[Be Happy- Patrick Lindsay]

Reconnecting with your inner child is a great way to relieve stress and releasing that long-hidden youngster for some well deserved fun should be one of our top priorities in 2011. So what did you do instinctively as a child which you struggle to do now?  I still do some of the following much to my family’s despair, and helps me to re-establish that lost relationship with my inner child and bring back some of the simple pleasures in life.

Kick the leaves (mind the dog poo), throw some snowballs, build a snowman, build playing-card towers, jump in the puddles, have pillow fights.

Visit the zoo, castle, playpark, ice-rink, circus.

Daydream (preferably not at work), nap in the afternoon (definitely not at work), draw, write, bake some cakes.

Pudsey Bear Cakes

Find those old roller-skates, space-hopper (adult versions available), jigsaw, paints, Twister, Boggle, stilts.

Sing silly songs- Ed “Stewpot” Stewart’s Junior Choice on Christmas Day was perfect!

Revisit Winnie-The- Pooh one of life’s finest philosophers!

And remember: You don’t stop having fun when you get old, you get old when you stop having fun.


2 thoughts on “Donald Duck underpants

  1. Beautiful. good luck on you’re post a day and I especially look forward to reading as I wish to actively remove stigmas attatched to all mental health conditions.

    fighting for fairness, fighting for freedom! figting from labels!

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