Don’t worry, be happy

Winnie The Pooh is a wise old bear –

“Supposing a tree fell down and you were underneath it?”-“Supposing it didn’t”

Many of us worry about things that never happen and in doing so can put ourselves through sleepless nights, increased stress and depression-all for nothing.

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about bad things and being preoccupied with negative possibilities? Do you find that the more you do it, the bigger your worries become? Do you even find yourself worrying about all the time you’ve spent worrying?

With the best intentions, people who do not worry to excess will say ” focus on today and tomorrow will look after itself”. On the face of it, this is sound sensible advice, but to a worrier it is easier said than done.  It is very hard to stop yourself worrying but there is some really good advice in the Mind leaflet “How to Stop Worrying” and if you are a worrier this makes a good place to start.

Bobby Ferrin wrote ;

“In every life we have some trouble
But when you worry you make it double”

No one likes worrying. It’s hard to live with a worrier. It’s exhausting and emotionally draining so seek help and talk through your fears. Don’t worry yourself into an early grave.

Stop worrying and start living.


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