I love……

In no particular order, random thoughts of a stir-crazy-fed-up-with-the-snow-bored-with-being-cold-grumpy-Blogger.

50 things I love……….

1.  Poppies-my favourite flower. Blousy, vibrant, delicate and easy to grow.

2. Aston Villa FC- Attending since 1969, the football club of my heritage. Great memories, claret and blue heaven.

3. Butterflies-lacy, colourful, free and wonderful to watch bouncing along on the wind.

4. Chris de Burgh-since 1975 his music a source of peace and inspiration. A great story-teller.

5. My camera- makes walking less boring and the photos remind me of all those things I’d forgotten.

6. Chocolate-Cadbury’s preferably, again part of my Birmingham heritage. That melt-in-the-mouth sensation…a girl thing!

7. My computer-As an information & communication junkie I’d be lost without it.

8. Friends-Wonderful, fantastic, genuine people who support and challenge me to be a better person. Thank you.

9. William-my son. Perfect.

10. Swanage- a pretty, Victorian seaside resort in Dorset. We’ve had great times there-please don’t change.

11. Prozac-Lifesaver

12. Romanesco caulifower-fascinating and tastes nicer than the traditional white. Fractals….

13. Stationery-notebooks, pens, craft paper, scrap-books, stickers, postcards……etc etc

14. Marks & Spencer- I can always find something to wear in here and you are never far away from a store.

15. Jane Eyre-my all-time favourite book. Can’t beat it.

16. Feeding the birds-I love to see the robins, wagtails, sparrows and tits descend on fat-balls and peanuts.

17. Tomintoul (16) – Speyside Glenlivet single malt scotch whisky. Smooth and mature. The “gentle dram”

18. Sunflowers-the last bright reminder of summer.

19. Having my hair cut-always feels good and guarantees 30 minutes of “me” time.

20. Ice-skating- indoors or outdoors, Invigorating, fun and a great way to get some exercise.

21. Strictly Come Dancing/XFactor-guilty pleasures. I can do most things except dance and sing. I’m just jealous.

22. Kicking leaves- the rustle and annoying the Park Keeper! Try to avoid the dog poo.

23. The white horse joke-my all-time favourite.

A white horse
A white horse trotted into a pub and asked for a whisky. The barman said “Certainly Sir, which one would you like? We’ve got Bell’s, Teachers’, Famous Grouse and we’ve even got one named after you.”
“What, Eric?” said the white horse.

24. Clinique ivory foundation- helps to hide those horrid rosy cheeks. Never go outside without a healthy slap of the stuff.

25. Getting off a plane- complete with jelly-legs but the ultimate relief.

26. Fridays-the end of the working week and Crunchie Time.

27. Coniston “Old Man” (803m) – Copper Mines Valley, Goat’s Hause, Brantwood, Walna Scar, Torver Beck.

28. Steak and chips-Sirloin with tomatoes, mushrooms, peas and french mustard. Not exactly gourmet but delicious all the same.

29. Black trousers- only have to worry about what colour top then.

30. Hairspray, the musical- great story, great songs and wonderful feel-good factor.

31. Sunrises and Sunsets- pink, orange, streaky, yellow, nature’s fresco.

32. A ticking clock in an empty room- relaxing and soporific.

33. 8 hours sleep- a rarity and much appreciated when it happens. Not to be underestimated.

34. Swings, roundabouts and bouncy castles- we need adult play-parks!

35. My birthday-it’s my day and it’s special. I never work. My secretary books me the day off without having to ask.

36. Castles- turrets, port-cullis, knights in shining armour, banquetting halls, peacocks, flags, pageantry.

37. Stars- twinkling in a clear, black night sky.

38. Magic painting books-the ones where you paint over the picture with water and a picture appears! True magic.

39. Harrison Ford-simply gorgeous.

40. Barges-colourful, compact, relaxing, freedom of the waterways.

41. The smell of freshly baked bread- yeasty and mouth-watering.

42. Amethysts-purple gems which are my birthstone.

43. VW Camper vans- I sooooo want one.

44. Sparklers-especially in a Mai-Tai cocktail.

45. Mai-Tai cocktails-preferably with sparklers in

46. Christmas dinner- at any time of year. Turkey, sprouts, bread sauce, gravy, Christmas pudding and brandy sauce. Yum Yum.

47. Thunder and Lightning-dramatic and refreshing, awesome.

48. Writing poems- therapeutic, cathartic and fulfilling.

49. The smell of petrol-I always volunteer to fill the car. It’s a shame that this simple pleasure is getting more and more expensive!

50. My husband- tolerant, patient, a great chef, chauffeur, cat-carer, PA, funny, and caring. Thank you!


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