Winter on it’s way..brrrrrr

Apart from my poem  “Depression-what does it feel like“, of which I am enormously proud, I do not profess to be a poet in any way shape or form. I like writing about what I see as it helps me enjoy the moment, a good tactic and useful lesson for anyone living with depression. You can’t change what’s gone before and it’s no good worrying about what may be, so what I see directly in front of me is important to note and appreciate. So I do.

As a result, you will find a large number of my “poems” on these pages purely because I see a lot. I am often sitting on trains for hours on end, contemplating my navel and life in general and writing observational pieces prevents me from sinking into self-indulgent melancholy. 

This was the case today, driving up the motorway watching the wind ripping through the trees, leaves flying  around in aero-whirlpools and  thinking dark thoughts about the impending four months of cold, damp unpredicatble weather to come. I started to write my latest masterpiece and managed to complete just two verses before  I realised that I was in trouble. The writing was stimulating the melancholy, not eradicating it.

Skeleton trees, stripped
Leaf litter, splintered twigs lie
Bare branches exposed

Faded ambers dull
Tarnished coppers, muted greens
Countryside transformed

Instead of feeding my soul with inspired verse and hope, writing about the barren landscape and dreary weather was draining me of my energy and positive vibes. So now I am in a quandry. What do I write about  until next Spring when everything starts to look a bit brighter?

I’m not sure yet so I’m on the look out for inspiration and ideas. Watch this space!


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