“Angry Young Man”-Billy Joel

I first came across the music of Billy Joel in the late 1970’s/early 1980’s and never looked back. I have every album of his on my ipod and I never tire of either the melodies or the lyrics. In fact, although some of his compositions are almost 40 years old, they are as relevant today as they were when originally written. For me, Billy Joel is the original and best “Piano Man” and his talent for song writing unrivalled in his genre.

Billy Joel also happens to be a great example of the profound and prodigious creative talent that often seems to spring forth from artists who suffer with depression. Without this illness, we would perhaps be bereft of some great entertainers and the world would be a poorer place as a result.

Following an attempted suicide, Billy Joel based his song, “Tomorrow is Today” on his suicide note. Here it is;

I’ve been livin’ for the moment
But I just can’t have my way
And I’m afraid to go to sleep
‘Cause tomorrow is today

People tell me life is sweeter
But I don’t hear what they say
Nothing comes to change my life
So tomorrow is today

I don’t care to know the hour
‘Cause it’s passing anyway
I don’t have to see tomorrow
‘Cause I saw it yesterday

So I listen for an answer
But the feeling seems to stay
And what’s the use of always dreaming
If tomorrow is today

Still I’m waiting for the morning
But it feels so far away
And you don’t need the love I’m giving
So tomorrow is today

Oh, my. Goin’ to the river
Gonna take a ride and the Lord will deliver me
Made my bed, now I’m gonna lie in it
If you don’t come, I’m sure gonna die in it
Too late. Too much given
I’ve seen a lot of life and I’m damn sick of livin’ it
I keep hopin’ that you will pass my way

And some day if your dreams are leavin’ you
I’ll still believe in you

I don’t care to know the hour
‘Cause it’s passing anyway
I don’t have to see tomorrow
‘Cause I saw it yesterday

Though I’m living and I’m singing
And although my hands still play
Soon enough it will all be over
‘Cause tomorrow is today


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