The 05.41am to London

Beautiful morning
White mists hang over the lake
Soft waves lap the shore

Swans swim slowly by
Heron watches fish swim past
Dragonflies hover

Kingfisher perches
Lazy trout leave rainbow trails
Sun shines, early dawn

Cows appear to drink
Cool, clean water crystal clear
Lowing with content

Leaves, grass, vivid green
Hedgerows white with spring blossom
Birds chorus singing

Stables and gables
Barns and farms, warm yellow stone
Red bricks, timber frames

Wispy clouds scud high
Heat haze on the horizon
Blue sky postcard false

Aeroplane white trails
Arrows of geese honk above
Dancing butterflies

Air dusty and dry
Pollen and sun-rays as one
Bees hum, soft low drone


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