Coastal Path

Climb hill
Out of Swanage
Poppies, stone cottages
Hollyhocks, red tree, cherry plums
Sour taste 

Flowers galore
Grasshoppers, crickets, jump
Dancing butterflies, rarely still

Dry leaves
Soft underfoot
Coastal path through woodland
Cool damp copse, shelter from the suns
Hot rays 

The Globe
Sun, moon and stars
World as one, unity
Fifteen segments grey Purbeck stone

Durlston Bay pod
Echo and his friends swim
Backs arching against the current
Rare sight. 

Hidden rocks lure
Anvil Point headland waits
Waves crash against the chalk white cliffs

Tilley Whim caves
Bygone industry past
Falling rocks too dangerous now
Closed off 

Steep cliffs
Fall to the sea
Gulls swoop round their domain
Nests perched on ledges, eggs, chicks safe
Soar high



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