My garden

Rock garden, fountain
Trees, flowers, water features
Pleasure all year round 

Winter brings bare earth
Bulbs, corms, snuggled long way down
Hiding from Jack Frost 

Crocus, daffodils
Clumps of snowdrops under trees
Smile in warm spring rays 

Pink apple blossom
Red curls of rhubarb peep through
Fresh green herbs emerge 

Spikes of grass grow strong
Summer’s carpet on its way
Nurture; feed and weed. 

Roses, sunflowers
Fuchsias hanging, hollyhocks
Foxgloves, lavender 

Bees hum, insects crawl
Butterflies visit stamens
Finches peck Niger 

Woodpecker knocking
Squirrels dig up hidden nuts
Cats bask in the shade 

Frogs croak from cool dips
Breeze tinkles wind-chimes gently
Buzzing grasshoppers   

Yellow fields of straw
Bundled into bales and rolls
Heading for the barns 

Autumn leaves turn red,
Orange, brown and mellow hues
Juicy berries hang 

Leaves fall, branches bare
Plants, flowers, trees, in retreat
Evergreens come good


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