Late summer, early autumn

Hedgerows bursting forth
Abundant berries, seed pods
Boughs heavy with fruit 

Luscious purple sloes
Elderberry fans dangle
Blackberry brambles 

Rose-hips, cherry red
Fresh, green ash key bunches hang
Fragrant pine resin 

Cow parsley florets
Silhouettes against the corn
Fragile lace patterns

Blazing sunflowers
Yellow petals draw in bees
Full of sweet nectar 

Dawn dew drops collect
Cool early morning mists rise
Lie low over streams 

Bright autumn sunshine
Heralds welcome warmth ahead
Cloudless skies, night frosts 

 Crisper cooler air
Relief from sultry summer
Berried branches still

Green to brown to red
A foliage patchwork quilt
Countryside blanket

Cropped fields of Barley
A harvest mouse playground
Startled plovers fly


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