High summer

Bees balm
Tri-colour sage
Fragrant lavender scent
Purple pom-pom chives
Herb patch 

Bird bath
Climbing-rose arch
Sundial shadows slowly creeping
Ivy-covered trellis
Wind chimes 

Black dots
Ladybirds roam
Shiny red shells, polished
Weaving between long blades of grass
Fly home 

Frogs leap
Welcome water
Lush damp leaves, undergrowth
Heavy showers bounce off paving

Ripe fruit
Blood-red beetroot
Tomato tendrils hang
Giant pumpkins trail, juicy figs
Bees gorge    

Gentle rays shine
Green grapes bask and ripen
Bountiful bunches plump sweet flesh

Dew drops
Silk spun lace web
Delicate, fine, perfect
Woven thread, elegant patterns

Tall spikes
Sunflowers dance
Hollyhock double blooms
Foxglove spires, iris stems arise



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