Iran-my first visit

Married to an Iranian, it has taken a few years but I finally got my a**e into gear and agreed to visit this mystical but highly controversial country.  I had very mixed feelings about the visit but went with no negative pre-conceptions about the ordinary Iranian people. Those I have met in Europe are wonderfully friendly, compassionate, fun-loving, respectful, hard-working and have all, without exception, welcomed me into their fold. I have no desire to enter any political or religious debates and I  purposefully went with an open mind and intentions to embrace and respect their culture, just as I expect others to do here in the UK. In short, I was prepared for a really unusual adventure and amazing cultural experience. 

 I was also aware however that two weeks in a foreign country, immersed in a vastly different culture, with reduced at-your-finger-tip communication with my support network and the obvious language barrier combined with being out of my routine, would put huge pressure on my ability to cope which in turn will spiral me into a depression. Was this a genuine concern?

I didn’t want to be a visitor, I wanted to be accepted as an honorary “Iranian” Was this too much to ask or expect? I wasn’t sure but I found out for myself. The following posts give you a flavour of what I encountered, which was a lot more positive, inviting and welcoming than the general media portray.


2 thoughts on “Iran-my first visit

  1. Thank you for telling the truth about Iran. We just got back from 42 days there on fellowship called the Silk Road to Peace. Tourists really liked it. We felt safe and secure. It is the land on the edge of the future. Please send me a note. A short report is found at:
    More can be found on FaceBook:,,

    • Hi there-thanks for your comments I really appreciate it. I love Iran and just write what I see and it’s nothing like common perception and Western propaganda thank goodness! Have you seen my other Blog There are a few articles on there and I need to write more but am soooooo busy!

      Sadly my husband lost his job this year so we haven’t been to Iran but fingers crossed next year. I’m so pleased you enjoyed your trip it’s a great country and the people are wonderful.

      Keep in touch



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